Welcome to November at All Things Preserved

I hope you're enjoying this colourful fall season. At All Things Preserved we're in high gear transforming our studio into Santa's Workshop. We work closely with several stores and they're eager to stock their shelves for the holiday season. Be sure to keep checking back here for new and seasonal products. There are lots of eco-mazing gift ideas! Browse through our curated collection of locally-made sustainable household items, workshops and DIY kits.


Your journey to a
zero waste lifestyle begins here!

Are you doing your best to be kind to the earth?

Are you on a journey to zero waste living?

Susan is, and wants you to as well! She showcases handmade items that help you become a better steward of the earth. They are refashioned, reclaimed, repurposed and/or reinvented, and they all support a zero waste lifestyle. Susan also leads workshops on sustainable homesteading activities.


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Want List

If your previously-loved items aren’t suitable for donation for others to wear, they can still be upcycled, have a renewed purpose and be saved from overburdening our landfill. Items on my upcycling wish list include:

  • Men’s cotton shirts
  • T-shirts, any size or condition
  • 100% cotton sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, duvet covers
  • Linen tablecloth or curtains
  • Flannel, receiving blankets, sheets, pajamas
  • Bath towels, rips acceptable
  • Wool sweaters or light blankets, any condition
  • Sheer curtains