Burst Forth in May

In my part of the world, we see nature bursting forth and you can do the same: dive into earth-friendly living with simple impactful changes. Browse through our curated collection of locally-made sustainable household items, workshops and DIY kits.


Your journey to a
zero waste lifestyle begins here!

Are you doing your best to be kind to the earth?

Are you on a journey to zero waste living?

Susan is, and wants you to as well! She showcases handmade items that help you become a better steward of the earth. They are refashioned, reclaimed, repurposed and/or reinvented, and they all support a zero waste lifestyle. Susan also leads workshops on sustainable homesteading activities.


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Want List

If your previously-loved items aren’t suitable for donation for others to wear, they can still be upcycled, have a renewed purpose and be saved from overburdening our landfill. Items on my upcycling wish list include:

  • Men’s cotton shirts
  • T-shirts, any size or condition
  • 100% cotton sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, duvet covers
  • Linen tablecloth or curtains
  • Flannel, receiving blankets, sheets, pajamas
  • Bath towels, rips acceptable
  • Wool sweaters or light blankets, any condition
  • Sheer curtains