Preserving the harvest

The green beans were enjoyed in the heat of the summer, some were preserved (I tried my hand at fermentation this season), the vines have been pulled down and composted, so all that’s left is the beans we let go to use for seed. They were hung and dried. Normally I shell them and save the seeds to plant for … Read More

Mother Nature’s clothes dryer

A few years ago, our family  paid one of many visits to a museum that was a re-creation of an historical village, one of my all-time favourite activities. In the back garden of one of the farm houses, there was an umbrella-style wooden clothesline. My young son shouts out “They copied us!” Well, in truth they thought of it a … Read More

Kombucha, allow me to introduce you to apple cider

I must admit, I wasn’t 100% comfortable when I became the recipient of a jar containing a free-floating blob of goo. Officially, of course, it’s known as a SCOBY  but … a SCOBY by any other name is still a blob of goo. Squirminess aside, I forged ahead with the experiment to make my own fermented tea. If countless people … Read More

Rosehips: better than oranges?

Rosehips. Perfectionist gardeners who trim their rosebushes diligently will never know what they’re missing. Those of us who allow spent blossoms to remain on the bush are treated to the beauty and goodness of rosehips. Foraging for rosehips is not for the delicate-skinned. Even though you want to protect yourself from the bush’s thorns it’s nearly impossible to pick these … Read More