Doesn't every bowl need to be cozy?

You heat yourself a steaming bowl of soup. Your plan is to cozy up to the fireplace (or, more realistically for some, the fireplace channel) but that bowl is Just. Too. Hot. To. Carry.
Enter: The Bowl Cozy. The denim pocket on one size ensures your hand is safe from scalding food, and the felted wool on the other side nestles your bowl safely while you lounge. It’s a match made in upcycling heaven.
Now, if you’re one of those people who always eats sitting at a table, thank your mom for teaching you proper etiquette. But this upcycled creation can still be used, first as a pot holder, and then as a trivet.
Any way you use it, your food, your furniture and your fingers are nicely protected. Available on my Etsy shop and on Facebook at All Things Preserved.