Entertaining, the Earth-Friendly Way

Susan is holding a package of reusable cloth napkins.

Do you want to minimize waste at your next get-together? It’s fun and easy to do. I invite you to listen to the conversation I had with Sarah from the Earth Care Show about the various ways we can minimize waste when hosting a get-together. Please watch and hopefully be inspired to entertain and still be kind to the environment. Check out the recording here. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know. I love chatting about waste awareness!

Here are links to the eco-businesses and resources I mentioned during the interview:

Ekko, a reusable takeout food container service in Waterloo region.

KW Library of Things, a place where you can borrow infrequently used items (including a chocolate fountain!)

Waste Management, Region of Waterloo, for all the answers about local garbage and recycling, including a link to the Waste Whiz app!