Maybe *not* so traditional

Cookies are a part of everyone’s family traditions, aren’t they? My grandmother came from the former Yugoslavia and I can say with certainty that chocolate chip cookies were not in her extensive and delicious European repertoire. (Insert link for apple strudel, someday.)

When I was growing up, my  mother, who is also a fabulous baker, made chocolate chip cookies that she deemed “so healthy you could eat them for breakfast”. (I don’t recall ever being allowed to eat them for breakfast, but I’ll check with my siblings on that one.) Fast forward forty-something years and my ‘selective’ son wouldn’t touch one of those cookies for all the tea in China (or all the Pokemon cards at Toys R Us!) And being a mom who’s a sucker for making a cute 7 year old happy, I opt for baking batches of chewy, soft, melty chocolate chip cookies. Traditional fare? Not exactly. Keeping alive a tradition of baking for your loves ones? Absolutely!