Mother Nature’s clothes dryer

A few years ago, our family  paid one of many visits to a museum that was a re-creation of an historical village, one of my all-time favourite activities. In the back garden of one of the farm houses, there was an umbrella-style wooden clothesline. My young son shouts out “They copied us!” Well, in truth they thought of it a good century before we did, but I was thrilled that he recognized this brilliant invention.
Although I’d much prefer a line that stretches across a wide open expanse of land (where you have to hide your ‘unmentionables’ inside pillow cases when you hang them on the line!), my small suburban umbrella clothesline will do. And on a warm sunny November day, I say thank you to Mother Nature for drying my laundry once again. Someday soon, it’ll be too snowy or the clothes will freeze before they dry, but for today, I am grateful.
And because it’s way too adorable, here’s my son at the age of 3, with his very own, custom-hung-at-just-the-right-height clothesline. He was always in charge of hanging the family’s socks but he liked organizing the coloured clothespins more!