Rescued Rounds FOR HIM


Men + self care? You bet. Finally, something made for him: the same rescued rounds you’ve come to love from us, but with a more masculine appeal.

Rescued rounds are a reusable alternative to single use facial cleansing pads. Here’s what you get:
* a set of 7 reusable cloth rounds
* cotton flannel front and cotton towel backing
* includes a FREE mesh laundry pouch
* 100% upcycled materials
* the flannel front is made from shades of blues and greys

This multi-use product can be used for:
* facial toner application
* eye soothing compresses
* cooling pads
* mini face cloths
* make-up remover pads

REUSABLE – a sustainable alternative to disposable cotton rounds. These can be reused countless times.
LOCAL – from locally-sourced, upcycled materials.
FREE POUCH – simply hang the pouch on a cupboard knob in the bathroom, pop the used rounds into the pouch, then toss the whole thing in the washer and dryer.

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