Rosehips: better than oranges?

Rosehips. Perfectionist gardeners who trim their rosebushes diligently will never know what they’re missing. Those of us who allow spent blossoms to remain on the bush are treated to the beauty and goodness of rosehips.
Foraging for rosehips is not for the delicate-skinned. Even though you want to protect yourself from the bush’s thorns it’s nearly impossible to pick these while wearing gloves. (Yup, I tried). Gathering this firm, ripe, brightly coloured fruit is worth a few finger pricks though, as it’s one of nature’s healers, being one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C. *They* say three rosehips have the same amount of vitamin C as a whole orange. And they ripen at a perfect time – autumn frost  – for us to dry them and have them ready to fight winter colds.rosehips-dried-and-cleaned